About us

For more than 25 years, we are your partner when it comes to dosing, weighing, controlling and dispensing granulate, powder and fluids. As a global operator, we offer dosing solutions for your challenges, be it in the plastic, chemical, food or pharmaceutical industry. We are primarily specialized in production processes where bulk materials must be feeded in a continuously and highly accurate way.

We offer an unique modular system. All modules of our dosing and weighing technology can be freely combined and exchanged so that retrofitting or upgrading is possible at any time.

Furthermore, we do not see ourselves only as a supplier of dosing systems, but as a service provider, who passes on his knowledge of the entire process chain. Short delivery times and high quality at fair prices complete our services.



We offer a unique modular system. Our overall dosing devices are connected to a platform scale via plugs. Each of our dosing units can be therefore used in volumetric as well as gravimetric operation and can be easily exchanged.

Weighing technology

Volumetric feeders are converted into gravimetric ones by linking them to a platform scale. We offer two different measurement technologies, the PESA two string mass encoder technique or the strain gauges technique.


Our in-house developed easyTouch control is the heart of our dosing and weighing technology. It is made for up to 24 dosing units, based on various industrial hardware and supports all common host protocols.

Material expertise

Pellets, fibres, grinded materials, micro-pellets, non free flowing powders, oils,softener, silanes, water, waxes, silicones, glycerines and many more...! Please contact us in case you have questions!



Our service engineer starts up the dosing device on-site, provides an introduction in the operation and answers all questions you might have.

Repairs/ technical issues

Telephone support: As a first step, we try to help you by phone in order to save you with the time and costs.

Service on-site: In case we are not able to solve the issue by phone or if you prefer a visit, a service engineer will come to you as soon as possible.

Delivery of spare parts: If a part or component is defective, we will send you a spare part as soon as possible. In the very likely case that we have it in stock, we aim to send it within a day. Following this, you can easily return the defective part by post.


We offer maintenance packages for our dosing and weighing technology at a flat rate.

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    What excels us !!!

    Longterm Expertise

    We provide extensive know how in the feeding and weighing technology and are always at your side, including planning, construction, technical and production processes.

    Outstanding quality

    Our feeding and weighing technology is completely produced in-house at our location in Germany, consisting of our own components as well as components of well-known producers such as Beckhoff, Möller, Phoenix, Siemens, Lenze und Rittal.

    Modular construction

    The modular construction of our feeding and weighing technology allows for flexible changes depending on your requirements, for example capacity or material changes.

    Fair prices

    If possible and reasonable from a technical viewpoint we integrate standards and external components in our products, which leads to fair prices. It is well worthwhile to make the comparison!

    Short delivery times

    A flat organisational structure, short communication channels and a large material storage ensure fast delivery times.

    Excellent service

    Serivce is our top priority! We help you with any query you may have at any time.