Gerhard Scholz started with the purchase and sale of used dosing systems on part-time basis.



Gerhard Scholz registered a business for trading machines in the plastic industry. Back then, office and factory were located in his private house, machines were stored in rented warehouse facilities.



After the sale of new dosing units started successfully, the company moved to a complex with a larger storage and production area in Niedernberg, Bavaria, Germany.


The cooperation with the well – known Swiss manufacturer PESA Waagen AG started, which continues to the present day.



The existing measurement-, regulation, control- and dosing technology was summarized in the Scholz-Con-Trust-System. The first employee was hired.



The partnership Gerhard Scholz Dosiertechnik became a limited liability company, the Scholz Dosiertechnik GmbH.



Switch cabinets are completely produced in-house. In combination with the modular and flexible composition and structure, Scholz Dosiertechnik can therefore offer unrivaled short deliver times.



The self developed easyTouch control for multiple component dosing systems was introduced.


Due to capacity limits, Scholz Dosiertechnik moved to a larger building in Großostheim, around 10 km away from its previous location. The standard components can be now produced and stored in large quantities and Scholz Dosiertechnik additionally set up a 200 square meters technical center.



Nowadays, the team of Scholz Dosiertechnik consists of around 20 employees, which covers extensive expert knowledge as many of the employees being part of the team for a very long time. Almost without exception every team member has direct customer contact – in sales, service or machine and plant engineering. Scholz Dosiertechnik is also a certified training company (Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

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