Dosing technology

We offer a unique modular system. The dosing device is connected to a platform scale only via plugs. All dosing devices can therefore be designed for both volumetric and gravimetric operation and flexibly adapted to changing requirements, for example material or capacity changes.

Loss-in-weight feeder for granulat

Our loss-in-weight feeders are suitable for pellets, fibres, grinded materials, micro-pellets or polymer-powders. Our volumetric feeders MONO, LOGO, SOLO und GOLO can be converted into our gravimetric feeders MODUS, ECONO, RATIO and GOLIA by linking the feeder to a platform scale. The output of the feeder is determined by the choice of the gear, discharge pipe and screw.

Loss-in-weight feeder for powder

Our differential feeders, single screw feeders with flexible polyurethane trough and separate paddle motor, are suitable for heavy flowing powders, regrinds, microgranulates and fibers. Our volumetric feeders FLEX50, FLEX80 and FLEX130 can be converted to our gravimetric feeders VARIO, SOLID and TITAN by linking them to a platform scale.

Our differential feeders, twin screw feeders with agitator, are suitable for poor flowing powdery materials. Our TWIN20 and TWIN40 volumetric feeders are our gravimetric feeder DUPLO by linking them to a platform scale.

Loss-in-weight feeder for fluids

Our loss-in-weight feeders are suitable for fluids, for example oils,softener, silanes, water, waxes, silicones and glycerines. The feeders are designed for outputs of 0,1 - 1000kg/h, viscosity of 0 - 100000mPas, pressure up to 200bar and heat up to 160°C. The feeders are available as mobile units. Depending of the use, a diaphragm, gear, hose or piston pump is used.

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Weigh-belt feeder

Our weigh-belt feeder is suitable for bad flowing or light bulk solids. The feeder is characterised by an open concept, customary belt conveyors as well as the use of the entire belt length for weighing.

Weighing technology

By linking a platform scale, volumetric gravimetric dosing devices are created. We offer two different measurement techniques, the PESA string technique and the strain gauge technique (DMS).

Platform scales

Volumetric feeders are converted into gravimetric ones by linking them to a platform scale. All of our platform scales have an identical height. Depending on your capacity requirements, the feeder will be linked to a SCHOLZ BASIC 300, SCHOLZ BASIC 400, SCHOLZ BASIC 600 or SCHOLZ BASIC 800.

We offer our technology with the following certifications:

Explosion-proof version: 

ATEX certified


Food-safe version: 

FDA - EC 19535/2004 certified

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